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Created with love.

Everything I offer is designed to help you generate more energy, ease and joy in life.

Video guide for you

I was chocked! How I helped my child to sleep in only 4 min.

Family life with kids

Routineboard – Eliminate conflicts and enjoy quality time together

The Routineboard is a physical board designed to help you guide your child in a way that is fun and engaging – and get around conflicts easily. You'll learn how you use the board to distract your child from tantrum meltdowns, get out of the door faster and into bed with ease. To give you a good beginning and end of the day.

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Daily Reminder

Reflectionshirt – Empower, encourage & embrace yourself with words.

Achieve your dreams faster by get reminded of your own strength – everytime you look yourself in the mirror. Reflectionshirt is a new kind of shirt that reflect the message – you need the most – back to you, through out the day. So you can keep thinking thoughts and taking actions that moves you towards your dreams and gives you strength to keep stepping forward and live a life aligned with your core values.

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Visual Toolbox for Kids & Caregivers

Visual tools for kids – to teach and engage in understanding how the world works

The Visual toolbox is a collection of printable tools for download – for you teach kids as a parent or in your work. It helps you teach them in a visual and fun way about time, seasons, play and other daily practises. A tool to give you a common understanding and help you describe something in visuals instead of words, making it more exiting and memorable, to make it stick and make a difference.

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